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We deliver critical hires to your organization by developing highly effective talent acquisition strategies. In addition to finding top talent, we optimize and innovate new talent practices and recruiting systems to support your growing team.

Talent in the Social Impact Sector
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Who We Are

Experts in the social impact sector

We’ve always been mission driven. We know how essential personnel are to social impact organizations because we’ve worked in them ourselves. Our familiarity with the unique needs of these organizations allows us to provide clients with ambitious and niche talent who are aligned with their goals and mission.

About our founder

Matt Maclean spent the early years of his career working in high-tech talent acquisition and the last 15 years growing teams in the global health sector. Under his leadership, the Talenton team is based in the lush Pacific Northwest, an innovation hub for both tech and social impact organizations. Our focus is on sourcing talent for organizations that bring ground-breaking products and equitable resources to underserved communities.

What People Are Saying
Adaptable & Mission-Driven

Our Philosophy

We offer a customized approach

We work hard to ensure your recruitment maximizes your budget and puts more money towards your mission. From our consultative approach to our fees, every step in our process is customized to your needs.

It’s about more than just talent acquisition

Before you begin a talent search, let us ensure your recruitment process and strategy aligns with your goals. From there, it’s easier to ensure you’re attracting talent that will drive your mission forward.

Learn About Our Services

Talenton Group can be your resource to connect world class talent to ambitious business goals.

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Grow your Social Impact Organization with our Customized Recruitment Services

Achieve more significant social impact with collaborators that align with your goals. With our customized approach, we personalize our support to meet the unique needs of your growing organization.

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Personalized attention, meaningful results


Create a More Thoughtful Recruitment Process 

Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to deliver customized solutions designed for your unique needs.  We leverage our deep industry insights to help you find top-tier talent through our meticulous executive search process or provide expert guidance for specific projects. Our goal is to ensure lasting value and tangible results, aligning with your business objectives.

Let us identify, assess, and recruit the ideal staff to scale your organization’s future success.


From Our Clients

Matt [CEO of Talenton Group] has been an invaluable talent acquisition partner with me over many years at multiple organizations. His genuine passion for a mission fuels excellence in discovering and connecting top talent with organizations and roles where they will have a tremendous impact. Matt’s strategic approach to looking around corners, discipline in the fundamentals, and stellar relationship management
Matt is an outstanding leader and talent acquisition expert. He grew PATH’s recruiting programs to the next level improving quality, speed, and efficiency. Matt’s passion for and knowledge of the development sector are a true asset. His relentless pursuit of excellence and innate drive to develop and reward talent underpins his success. Matt is genuine, kind, and generous. He brings his whole
I have known Matt for many years in the recruiting industry, first as colleagues together at the Gates Foundation and more recently as Matt’s client. Matt is an exceptional talent sourcer and is well-connected and in tune with the development sector. He has always brought a strategic mindset, client and talent-centric focus to his meticulous work. Most importantly, Matt brings
Working with Matt has been one of the best experiences I had at the Gates Foundation. He was the best TA partner that I have ever worked with. His brilliant business and people skills mixed with his high level of intellect delivered great results. Work always seemed to be so effortless and smooth with Matt. He is highly dependable and

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